VTX Festival & Race

Take a Ride on the Green Side

OCTOBER 27TH | Oleta River State Park, FL

About This Event

Join us in a day full of activies and family fun!

Nature is where we all have mutual interest, it is the one thing all of us share. Vertilux is passionate about the preservation of our environment, we believe that it is important to leave a better planet for our future generations. This is why we have come together to host the VTX Festival & Race: a full day of bonding with family, friends, and nature. Join us in the celebration of our mission to save tomorrow's planet, today.

The VTX Festival & Race is also a great way to enjoy and discover the real Florida. The event will be full of outdoor activities and family fun. There will be food, drinks, music, and activities for all members of the family.


Oleta River State Park
Miami, FL
White Ibis Pavilion

Date & Time

October 27, 2018
9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Oleta River State Park

Florida's largest urban park, Oleta River State Park is located on Biscayne Bay in the busy Miami metropolitan area. The park offers a variety of recreational opportunities, and it is best known for miles of off-road bicycling trails, ranging from novice trails to challenging trails for experienced bicyclists. Along the Oleta River, at the north end of the park, a large stand of beautiful mangrove forest preserves native South Florida plants and wildlife.

Vertilux and our Community

Vertilux is committed to the environment and health, for this reason, we wanted to host this event where we can all participate in our values. VTX Festival & Race is done in conjunction with local non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of Florida's natural heritage and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Oleta Trail Blazers is a special committee under the Friends of Oleta River State Park (FORSP) a non-profit organization. The Oleta Trail Blazers are a group of volunteers with a common goal to maintain and make improvements to the mountain bike trails at Oleta River State Park.
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The Friends of Oleta River State Park is a nonprofit citizen support organization (CSO) that sponsors events, raises funds, and advances the goals of Oleta River State Park.
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